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32 Ways to Make You Smile - Backseat Goodbye

Go on, people! It's the exact same blog, just with a different name.


I intended to use this space to share to you why I changed my name, but it's nothing exciting. Bothering to write an entire post on this matter would seem over-dramatic, but then again, I've been told I can be over dramatic. Basically, I'll just go with the "I wasn't really feeling Girl with the Bow Tie as a name." Because it was a tad too long, a tad too generic. I came up with this name in french class (oui, oui!) and I really had that urge to change it. So, about a month later, I have! I think it suits my blog more so I was like "just do it!" (Nike reference.) So yeah, the end.

Besides, rappers change their names all the time. (I'm thinking of someone in particular, but I can't put my finger on who it is... Hmmm...)

P.S. if you guys could update your links, I'd be so happy. As I described it, "I would appreciate it so much that I would jump through the computer screen, have your pictures come to life and hug you. Obviously this is not possible, but just to put it in perspective." (Wow, I just quoted myself. How embarrassing. Ahem. Normal.)